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What Is a Rollator?

What Is a Rollator?

Mobility aids offer a wonderful service for those that need it. They enable individuals to somewhat maintain a level of independence. Walkers and rollators are 2 favorable mobility aids that can help immensely.

The Advantages of Mobility Aids

Mobility aids come in handy when an individual that has trouble getting around wishes to stay living at home.

Even for children that have difficulty walking, a walker, rollator, or wheelchair is able to give them the independence they want to go to school or hang out with their friends. Both of which are beneficial for development of their self-esteem.

What Is a Rollator?

A rollator is often known as a “wheeled walker.” They have a frame with 3 or 4 large wheels, handle bars, and a seat that is built-in.

When your circumstances require you to stop and rest a lot, a rollator might be a better decision for your situation. Whereas walkers don’t have a seat, rollators with a seat and a crossbar for back-support enables the user to stop to rest when required.

Rollators also have the ability to accessorize, you can buy things like baskets to for holding shopping bags.

Kinds of Rollators

There are Kinds of rollators that fulfill different requirements. Some of these attributes can be found together, in the same rollator. Think of the benefits and shop around until you find the one that suits your needs.

Like with a walker features, a lot of features available to rollators are not collectively exclusive. You may buy a rollator that comes with height modifiable handles, a height modifiable seat, and hand-brakes.

Height-Adjustable Rollators

A rollator may come with a seat and handlebars that can be adjusted to the user’s preference. Many of them come with a range to be sold as “adult” and “youth” models.

Handle Brakes

Un-like walkers, rollators have wheels on each of their legs, whether they are 4 wheeled or 3 wheeled rollators. Consequently, rollators come with handle brakes.

Standard Weight Rollator

The average weight of a rollator is around 15 pounds.

Some models are advertised as “light-weight.” These light-weight models may weigh around 11 lbs. A few pounds can make a huge difference for many people. The other factor to consider in regard to weight is “weight-capacity.” Conventional rollators are tested safe for individuals that weigh up to 250 lbs. There some models classed as “bariatric” but do not stop researching there. Some of these models are tested safe for individuals up to 350 lbs. whereas others are tested safe for individuals that weigh up to 500 lbs.

Be sure to take carefully look at its actual weight capacity. Additionally, don’t forget the higher its weight capacity, the more the rollator is going to weigh.

Folding Rollator

Likewise to walkers, rollators can have a feature that enables them to fold up for storage. When flat, they can fit easier into a vehicle, public transportation, or airplane.

Does a Rollator Cost More?

Rollators are typically more costly than walkers. You can anticipate in paying about $50 more for a rollator than walkers. Obviously, this is a generalization and its wise to discuss expense versus features with the salesperson and family members.

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