Benefits Of Stair Lifts For Elderly
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7 Benefits Of Stair Lifts For Elderly

If you are thinking about adding a stair lift to your home, consider these great benefits of installation for the elderly.

Benefit #1: Safety

The most obvious benefit for seniors installing stair lifts is safety. These motorized chairs provide a much safer way to go up and down the stairs. This will undoubtedly help reduce the risk of any injury, especially since stairs are one of the most common areas for home injuries. If your muscles have weakened and mobility has become limited, it’s best to utilize a stair lift. A lot of seniors choose to exercise by using the stairs. This can be a bad idea that leads to injury. Install a stair lift and opt for exercising at the pool or on a treadmill.

Benefit #2: Independence

Unfortunately, some seniors can feel as though they are losing their independence when they no longer have the ability to use the stairs. Restore your independence today by installing a stair lift! Now you will be able to go up and down the stairs without any assistance. Stair lifts create safe and easy ways to access areas of the home.

Benefit #3: Can Be Installed Indoors And Outdoors

Typically, individuals will install stair lifts inside to get from the first to the second floor. Stair lifts can be installed outdoors, as well. This is great if you are looking to go outside, either in the backyard or to the driveway.

Benefit #4: Affordable

Stair lifts are more affordable than you may think. In general, indoor stair lifts do tend to be cheaper than outdoor models. Outdoor stair lifts need additional features to ensure they work during any inclement weather. They are usually constructed of waterproof and/or rust-resistant materials. Indoor stair lifts can cost as little as $2,700, according to Towson.

Benefit #5: Customized

When you decide to purchase a stair lift, the installation company can make sure the product is custom made just for you. Installers will evaluate your stairway length and angle before choosing the right model lift.

Benefit #6: Ease Of Use

Most modern chair lifts are very easy to use, complete with armrest controls. Some versions may even come with a remote-control handset, allowing you to control the ride the entire length of the staircase. Most lifts will also automatically charge themselves while in the parked position.

Benefit #7: Comfort

Stair lifts will come with arm and footrests, including padded seats for maximum comfort of the rider. Now, you can travel up the stairs not only in style, but comfortably, as well. Footrests can be adjusted to your height.

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