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Exercises to Help Seniors Balance Better

Exercises to Help Seniors Balance Better

Each one of these exercises are intended to support your body’s natural alignment. Because your muscles and bones gradually wear down naturally as you get older, carrying out these exercises routinely can help you retain the same lifestyle that you’re accustomed to. You can perform these exercises at home using everyday objects you have around your and your bodies own weight

Best Balance Exercises for Seniors

The below are just some of the exercises seniors can do to help them balance better. Keep reading to find out more.

Single Leg Balance

This is a straightforward exercise for balance improvement. You should accomplish this while holding onto a chair if you are just beginning.

Step 1: Stand having your feet about shoulder wide apart.

Step 2: Extend your arms out to your sides and gradually lift your left knee off the floor.

Step 3: Straighten your leg in front of you, hold that for thirty seconds, and relax.

Redo this exercise for each leg at least 3 times.

Tree Pose

Follow this after the single-leg balance with a tree pose, an ideal and easy balance exercise. This exercise is also a favorable yoga position. have a chair at the ready while you do it.

Step 1: Stand having your feet about shoulder wide apart, holding one hand on your chest and the other on the chair. When you feel comfortable doing so, you are also able to rest both hands on your chest.

Step 2: Then lift your right leg straight up, turning your foot inwards as you do. Lightly rest the sole of your left foot against the side of your right thigh.

Step 3: Hold this pose for at least thirty seconds, or longer if you are able to.

Redo this with your other leg and redo this pose 3 times.

Tightrope Walk

This exercise can be carried out using a line of tape, tile lines, or any straight line available.

Step 1: Choose a target to walk to.

Step 2: Like tightrope walking, extend your arms out like a “T” and begin walking steadily, being careful to have your feet on the line consistently.

Step 3: Walk from toe to heal, counting down 5 seconds prior to each step.

Try this activity once daily to keep your coordination honed.

Flamingo Stand

This exercise helps build your hip muscles and steadies your core. Carry this out while standing close to a wall you can stabilize yourself with.

Step 1: Start by standing having your feet about shoulder wide apart and touch your hands to the wall.

Step 2: Then raise your left leg up to your hip as if you were marching. Lower leg and do likewise for the right.

Step 3: Heighten the difficulty by going a somewhat faster and/or raising your legs higher.

Redo for each side about ten to twenty times.


When losing your balance when walking, you typically take a step forward or back to get it back. Lunges helps you keep this ability powerful.

Step 1: Start by standing straight having your hands on your hips.

Step 2: Then step your left foot forward, bending at your knee. Lower yourself until your left thigh is parallel with the floor below.

Step 3: Breathe, hold for thirty seconds, then gradually return to the beginning position. Repeat for the right leg.

Do this for each of your legs about five to ten times.

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