Wheel Chairs Near Me
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Transport Chair Vs Wheelchair

Wheel Chairs Near Me

Anyone with limited mobility may require the use of a mobility aid to perform daily functions and tasks. Two of the most common mobility aids are transport chairs and wheelchairs. What are the advantages of both styles of chairs and what are the differences between the two models?

Transport Chair Basics

While similar to traditional wheelchairs. transport chairs feature a few distinct differences. These chairs are more lightweight and compact, without rotating handrails since they are not designed for independent use.

Instead of being pushed along by the user, transport chairs are pushed by someone from behind aka a helper. Essentially, this is a two-man chair, typically found in hospitals and retirement homes. These chairs will only move if a fully mobile assistant is guiding it forward. The advantage to this chair is it is simpler and easier to maneuver than most other models. They also have the ability to access narrow or steeper areas, such as narrow home doorways.

The average weight of a transport chair is between 15-35 lbs. The seat is typically smaller than that of a wheelchair, depending on the chair’s core frame shape. Both front and back wheels are usually the same size, which differs from a standard wheelchair.

Wheelchair Basics

Wheelchairs are specialized mobility devices for those who cannot walk or experience difficulty walking. These chairs come in a plethora of sizes, designs and colors, but all wheelchairs share a similar frame. The front wheels are usually smaller and attached to a freely revolving mechanism to make turning quite simple.

The back wheels are slightly larger and topped, accompanied by rotating handrails. The chair moves forward whenever the rails are pushed. This is how users propel themselves while using the chair. Wheelchairs do not typically require assistance in order to move.

A wheelchair will weigh anywhere between 25-45 lbs. Seats usually consist of a steel frame with a cushioned fabric covering. These chairs are easy to move using only your arms.

What Are The Differences Between Transport Chairs And Wheelchairs?

The biggest thing that sets these chairs apart is the way they are propelled. Lightweight transport chairs are not designed to be used independently, as previously mentioned. These chairs can only be operated by an able bodied person directing the chair forward from behind. With that being said, transport chairs can also be used as makeshift walkers for any individuals who can stand behind and push the chair forward without much difficulty.

How Much Do Transport Wheelchairs Cost?

Transport wheelchairs are as close as one can get to the traditional style of wheelchairs. This model is generally made for someone other than the rider to push the actual chair from behind. These chairs are usually foldable and very light, ideal for transporting the chair from place to place.

They are commonly used to wheel patients in and out of hospitals. Seniors that may have difficulties pushing their own weight in a manual model tend to opt for transport wheelchairs, as well.

  • Price range: $90-$2,000
  • Average cost: $955

Transport Wheelchair Cost

How Much Do Manual Wheelchairs Cost?

A manual wheelchair will require the user to operate the wheels. Most of the time these models will make the user experience very friendly. Brakes and locks are easy to reach, and typically there are also handles on the back in case a friend or family member wishes to push the wheelchair.

This is the perfect chair model for someone capable of operating the chair, but also having loved ones around to help with the process. There are several different kinds of manual wheelchairs that are available, yet the price tag will never become outrageous.

  • Price range: $200-$3,000
  • Average cost: $1,400

Manual Wheelchair Cost

How Much Do Electric Wheelchairs Cost?

Electric or “power” wheelchairs are becoming more and more popular because of the ease of use. Others could refer to these models as scooters or mobility scooters, as well. These battery-powered wheelchairs are operated simply by the touch of a button.

Electric wheelchairs are ideal for those with little strength left needed to operate a manual wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs are the best possible chair one can buy to utilize outdoors. They may take time getting used to, though, especially for anyone transitioning from manual to electric.

  • Price range: $1,500-$9,000
  • Average cost: $3,750

Electric Wheelchair Cost

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